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LOITASA 8 is in press in Western Cape, South Africa

LOITASA 7 is available from June 2012 printed in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Article about the LOITASA schools in Morogoro in Norway's largest newspaper: First page. Second page.
If you cut and paste the Norwegian  text to GoogleTranslate, it is feasible to understand the content.

LOITASA workshop 2011 was arranged March 28. - 31. at The University of Western Cape, South Africa.
Language of Instruction - a Focus on Science and Mathematics.

Educational Challenges in Multilingual Societies

Edited by
Desai, Zubeida, Martha Qorro and Birgit Brock-Utne 2010
Cape Town: African Minds. ISBN

Table of Content
The book has 400 pages
Chapter  1:
Birgit Brock-Utne,
Zubeida Desai and
Martha Qorro:
Chapter  2:
Fernando Rosa Ribeiro
Chapter  3:
Solveig Gulling
Chapter  4:
Birgit Brock-Utne
Chapter  5:
Zubeida Desai
Chapter  6:
Tessa Dowling
Chapter  7:
Vuyokazi Nomlomo
Chapter  8:
Greta Gudmundsdottir
Chapter  9:
Martha Qorro
Chapter  10:
Jane  Bakahwemama
Chapter  11:
Julitha Cecilia John
Chapter  12:
Mwajuma Vuzo
Chapter  13:
Zehlia Babaci-Wilhite
Chapter  14: Torill Aagot Halvorsen
Chapter  15:
Birgit Brock-Utne  and
Azaveli Lwaitama

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LOITASA reflecting on Phase I and entering Phase II.
Edited by: Qorro, Martha, Zubeida Desai and Birgit Brock-Utne 2008.
Dar es Salaam:  E & D Vision Publishing Ltd. Oxford: ABC, East Lansing: Michigan State University Press. ISBN 978-9987-521-45-6.

The book has 260 pages
Chapter  1: Harold Herman
Chapter  2: Martha Qorro
Chapter  3: Zubeida Desai and Birgit
Chapter  4: Vuyokasi Nomlomo
Chapter  5: Mwajuma Vuzo
Chapter  6: Halima Mwunsheke
Chapter  7: Casmir M. Rubagumya
Chapter  8: Moshi Mussa Kimizi
Chapter  9: F.E.M.K. Senkoro
Chapter  10: Henry Lyimo
Chapter  11: Torill Aagot Halvorsen
Chapter  12: Greta B. Gudmundsdottir
Chapter  13: Monde Mbekwa
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contacting us .

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LOITASA workshop 2010
took place at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania May 10th - 12th
Language of Instruction: What are the Investment Choices?
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LOITASA workshop 2009
at the University of Western Cape, South Africa,
May 4th to 7th 2009
Theme: Towards Sensible Language in Education Policies: Theoretical and Practical Considerations

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LOITASA workshop 2008
took place
at the IMPLAN conference the University of Oslo, Norway  April 30th  - May 1st 2008
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